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Andrew Zientek, RLA - Founding Principal

"I am a landscape architect. And an artist. And a scientist, theorist, craftsman, developer, traveller, geographer, etc. etc. etc. What I mean by this is two-fold: 1) My practice in shaping the world in which we live is a form of self-education about what it is like to live on earth and 2) The environment or terrain that is the medium of work is deep, complex and broad - meaningful work must engage many territories and constituents. My design methodology is one that joins science and poetry, theory & practice, that mixes building & dreaming."

Andrew has a bachelors degree in landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a masters degree (MLA) from Harvard's Graduate School of Design. Prior to founding Terrain Studios, Andrew's professional experience was diverse. He worked internationally with EDAW (now AECOM) in China, worked with Vito Acconci at Acconci Studio, spent time with plantsman Piet Oudolf in the Netherlands and ran a design and construction operation for a property development company. This diverse background shapes Terrain Studio's focus on expanding the scope of a design problem - there is substantial value in understanding the complex externalties surrounding a project.

My artistic practice is, at the core, one which seeks to discover and value the potential for experiencing beauty in everything. Inspired by the likes of Rauschenberg, Irwin & Cage and founded on a belief in the rewards of paying attention and looking at the world, this aim seeks to open up new windows to our everyday world and do so without embarrassment or self-referential parody. I am interested in is a kind of individual utopia- a potential inherent in each individual's relation to the surrounding world.